( Ambush Hostage )

Another channel of protection is the Ambush / Hostage Channel. It is unfortunate but today the easiest way to defeat a home security system is to force you, the homeowner to turn it off! If you pulled into the driveway one night and walked up to the front door with keys in hand and someone appeared out of nowhere and pointed a weapon at you, forced you into the home and said "Turn your alarm off", What would you do? You would turn the system off and cooperate with their every command; this is no time to be a hero. When you turn the system off it is useless, it no longer exists!


At MHB Security - Largest ADT Dealership, we realize that this is a real world and that situations like this do occur every day all across North America. So, we have devised a way to protect your family from this type of home invasion. If this situation ever arises here is what you do, (We don't want to give this information away on the Internet for the world to see, so this part has been skipped)
ADT Duress Code

When you press in the ambush code, your system transmits a "silent" Ambush signal to the ADT Command Center. ADT contacts the police immediately and tell them we have a verified home invasion in progress. This is the highest priority code any law enforcement agency can receive. They will dispatch all available units! If it is at night they will arrive in a matter of minutes with no sirens, no flashing lights! They just appear in your front yard, pop the trunk, put on their flak jackets, and grab the shot guns!

We're talking "Special Police Force" in your front yard!

Please note: This service can be added to any residential package and ADT charges $2 per month for this "duress" signal service.