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Earlier this fall, Sandy Bass of Elon, NC returned home from a weekend away and promptly switched on her gas logs to warm the house. I was going to stay in that night but decided to get the mail at my neighbour's and ended up having dinner there, she said. Upon her return, Mrs. Bass sat on the couch to relax but became drowsy. She turned off the fireplace and went to bed only to be awoken by the carbon monoxide detector beeping. An ADT operator called to explain that the carbon monoxide alarm had been triggered and that the fire department would be on the way.

When firefighters arrived, they found lethal levels of carbon monoxide, with the highest concentration in the Basss bedroom. Due to the unsafe conditions, Mrs. Bass spent the night with a neighbour. The next day, a gas company technician determined there were multiple leaks around the gas logs and one at the outside meter. This was especially concerning because the house and fireplace are not old, said Mrs. Bass.

The carbon monoxide detector was an option on the ADT system, not something Mrs. Bass really had thought about getting before. I knew a carbon monoxide alarm was probably a smart thing to have, but had the ADT rep not suggested it, I might not have gotten one, she said. It was a blessing that spared my life. If ADT hadnt installed the carbon monoxide detector, this story would have turned out very differently.

One night, while the Themos family, from Toronto was asleep, their Toronto home was filling with lethal levels of Carbon Monoxide. The source of the leak was a faulty furnace. A Carbon Monoxide detector triggered a signal that was sent to the ADT Customer Monitoring Center in Calgary where operator Michael Barker quickly called the fire department and alerted the Themos home

ADT team member Lindsay Marcell, Kansas City, Mo., was going about her daily routine when she received a carbon monoxide notification from a customer's ADT home security system. Upon receiving the notification, Lindsay insisted the family leave thier house. When help arrived, they detected lethal levels of CO. Thanks to Lindsay's dedication and hard work, she was awarded Central Station Operator of the Year by the (CSAA), a leading industry association. Lindsay was recognized for her fast responsethat helped save a Utah family from CO poisoning. 

ADT Canada Customers thank the dispatchers that saved them and their families from harm after the monitoring station received notifications from carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, or medical alerts in the customer's home. In this video, meet the dispatchers and the families they saved offer a special thank you for being there in a time of need. Thank you to all of our dispatchers for their hard work and efforts.

ActionNews Jacksonville covers the heroic efforts of ADT dispatcher Maya Harris, as she receives the company's prestigious Life Saver Award on December 13th. One month before, an ADT customer in Jackson MS was alerted by Maya's life-saving call as her furnace had silently poisoned her home with 70% carbon monoxide. The customer traveled all the way to Jacksonville, FL to honor Maya at the ceremony saying, "If it wasn't for Maya, I wouldn't be here today."

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