Why ADT Monitoring?
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Why ADT® monitored system provided by MHB for your home security?

The #1 security company in the world is making security systems more affordable. ADT® helps protect more than 20 million homes & commercial customers around the world. ADT® helps protect 98 percent of "Fortune 500" Companies and protects all the Banks, Government Offices and Airports in North America.

ADT®'s Eight Interconnected Nationwide Customer Monitoring Centers are staffed 24/7 by highly skilled safety-certified professionals. Should an incoming fire or critical-condition signal be received from your home, the staff notifies all appropriate response authorities.

MHB uses ADT®'s Certified Brand New products only. Ademco products are the best in the world. 

Why Have A Monitored Home Security System? Having a monitored security system allows you to be sure your home is safe and secure whether you're at home or away. Without an alarm system installed in your house, burglars can spend long hours in your house going through valuable things. Even if you do not keep any valuable items in your home like cash and jewelry, a stolen Cheque book, name, address, SIN card number and other personal documents can cause you thousands of dollars in identity theft and it takes years to recover from these loses. Click here

5 Channels of ADT® Protection ADT® monitored security systems provided by MHB gives you several channels of protection. Each provides a vital security service for you and your family.

Don't Become a Statistic:

Did you know that victims of residential burglaries are 12 times more likely to be re-burglarized in the next month, according to a Canadian study? This is apart of a world-wide trend known as "repeat victimization"

1 out of every 5 homes will have a burglary, fire or carbon monoxide poisoning over the next 6 years.**

An ADT monitored system makes your home 3 times less likely to be burglarized.**

Fire kills more Canadians than all natural disasters combined.**

1 out of every 3 homes will have a medical emergency this year.**

** Stats Canada

ADT® announced the availability of the a new wireless security system. A revolutionary addition to ADT®'s monitored wireless family of security systems, it is specifically designed for apartments, condominiums and houses with finished basement ceilings. It offers up to 32 zones of burglary and fire protection. With a built-in keypad and siren that is capable of 110 dB, It is well-suited for multi-family buildings.

  • Our Wireless package price is less then any other company. We guarantee it.
  • Monitoring and maintenance services will be provided by ADT® based on a 3 years agreement with ADT®. You will own ADT® certified & approved brand new equipment from the first day of your Activation.
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  • Safewatch® Pro 4000 ADT® Easy-to-use, wall-mounted wireless digital LCD keypad with one touch buttons 
  • Safewatch® Pro 4000 ADT® Wireless Digital Control Panel so that your alarm system can send the signal to the ADT® monitoring station in the event of an emergency.
  • Passive Infrared Pet Immune wireless motion detector that senses movement in a 2500 square foot area
  • Wireless  Door / Window Sensors that instantly trigger the alarm when a protected door or window is opened
  • Immediate Police, Ambulance and a Fire buttons so you can call for help 24/7.
  • Wireless Remote KeyFob with 4 buttons so you can arm and disarm the system remotely from outside or your bedroom, press Police Panic button remotely in an emergency situation and arm the system in stay mode.
  • 72 hour Battery Backup. Even during a power outage your system and ADT® are on guard.
  • Transformer for the power supply.
  • CA238 telephone jack.
  • 110-decibel siren in case of an alarm. Loud enough to scare the intruder off your premises and to alert your neighbours.
  • Chime This stay-at-home mode can alert you to someone opening the door or window when your security system is not armed. it is the lowest level of security beyond completely deactivating your alarm.
  • AWAY mode protects your home while you are away. All zones such as Motion Sensors, Door Sensors, Window Sensors, Glass Break Sensors (if any) are activated, preventing anyone from entering.
  • STAY mode provides you security while you are home. Activated only perimeter security, so you can move Freely within your house.
  • Instant-STAY Same as the traditional STAY, but if someone opens an outer door, the alarm will set off immediately, instead of waiting for the delay period, providing you with more security when everyone's home and you are not expecting visitors.
  • Instant-AWAY Same as the traditional AWAY, but it bypasses the entry/exit delay from the front door contact, making your home extremely secured when you are away for a longer period of time. The alarm will go off as soon as someone opens the front door more then an inch.
  • Night-Stay Lets you keep the motion sensor on in the basement as well as protected door & window contacts while other motion sensors are off when you are home.
  • ARM/DISARM mode so you can have few seconds entry/exit to arm/disarm the system.
  • 24/7 monitoring by ADT®'s 5 Interconnected Emergency Response Centers. Play video for details
  • Monitored by ADT® lawn signs and warning decals display that you're protected
  • Create up to 32 different users on the keypad.
  • ADT®'s 5 exclusive guarantees.
  • Lifetime Service Protection warranties your system to ensure it is always functioning optimally
  • System for Life Guarantee
  • Insurance Discount Certificate can save you up to 25 percent on your homeowner's insurance.
  • Theft Protection Guarantee gives you $500 towards your insurance deductible if your home is broken into while your system is armed
  • Battery maintenance for wireless devices and Free replacement.
  • Customization ability available in the panel to add or subtract any devices.
  • Police Response available. click here for details
  • Customization ability available in the panel to add or subtract any devices.


Police Response Available click here for details
"A property crime occurs every 3 seconds in Canada. "Stats Canada.  
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Free Home Security Talking ADT Two-way voice wireless communication package.
Play Video for ADT's 3 Level of Protection. Helping you understand the levels of protection
Customer Testimonials
Extended Limited Warrantee
ADT® equipment is designed to meet the highest quality control standards... but no manufactured equipment is 100% reliable. With Extended Limited Warranty protection you have Free maintenance on parts and labour as long as you stay with ADT®.
Homeowner's Insurance Certificate
May save you up to 20% on your homeowner's insurance.
Mover's Package Guarantee
If you move after 2 years, a basic system will be installed in your new home Free of charge anywhere in North America where ADT® has service. Certain restrictions apply.
Theft Protection Guarantee
Pays your insurance deductible (up to $500) in the event of a burglary. Certain restrictions apply.
COMPETITIVE EDGE: When you are shopping for a Home Security System, you need to compare Apple to Apple because MHB ADT provides the services that no other company provides plus the quality and the quantity of the equipment other alarm companies provide do not compare to what you will get from MHB Security. All other alarm companies use cheaper equipment or they use equipment they manufacture themselves. For our special online promotion packages, we use the most expensive, latest in technology most reliable Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada (ULC) approved equipment. This equipment is certified, monitored and serviced by ADT Security Services Inc. (since 1874). 20 million customers can not be wrong in choosing ADT®. You also need to check which company is offering you more equipment for Free. Other companies might charge you less for the monthly monitoring but will not give you enough equipment to protect your house, not enough guarantees and services. If you are not getting ADT® monitoring services, you are wasting your money.


Powerful Two-Way Voice Communication
ADT Two-way voiceNow you can enhance your ADT monitored system provided by MHB responsiveness in an emergency with Security Link®. Once your alarm is triggered, an ADT Customer Monitoring Specialist will come on the

speaker/microphone to check on your situation. In an emergency, the operator can stay on the line and talk to you while you wait for the authorities to arrive. ADT Two-Way Voice Wireless

More Than Just a Burglar Alarm
ADT Fire ProtectionADT's monitored Photo Electric Smoke Detector provided by MHB is now included in our every Free residential package. Fire is one of the greatest threats to your home and family Within minutes a small fire

can spread through your house. If a fire breaks out in your home North America's largest fire alarm monitoring service ADT® will immediately dispatch the fire department whether your are home or away. Protect your family and assets now ADT Fire Protection

Ultimate Protection
ADT GSM Cellular BackupIf you do not have a landline or if you live in a rural area or in a multi million dollar home and you are concerned about your telephone lines being down, AlarmNet® is an effective additional line of

protection. AlarmNet®, when combined with your ADT® monitored system will send a wireless signal to the ADT® Central Monitoring Station using satellite should your telephone line be tampered with in any way. Without AlarmNet, your alarm system will still go off in your house as soon as someone tries to temper with it.
ADT AlarmNet GSM Cellular

Cutting Edge Technology
ADT RemoteWireless Remote Control Key fob is the ideal option for your active life because it's security that moves with you - letting you have the benefit of extra mobility without ever compromising your safety or peace

of mind. You can arm/disarm your system remotely in your house and/or press police panic button in case of an emergency situation.

Ambush / Hostage
Duress CodeAnother channel of protection is the Ambush / Hostage Channel. It is unfortunate but today the easiest way to defeat a home security system is to force you, the homeowner to turn it off!.

If you pulled into the driveway one night and walked up to the front door with keys in hand and someone appeared out of nowhere and pointed a weapon at you, forced you into the home and said "Turn your alarm off", What would you do? ADT Duress Code

Glass Break Sensor
Honeywell Glass Break SensorsDo you have a bay window, casement window or any other large window area that may be susceptible to entry? If so, this state-of-the-art sensor is ideal. These sensors are also suited

for patio doors, sunrooms and other large expanses of glass. The devices can detect glass breaking and vibration and can alert you to an intrusion and also alert the intruder prior to entry.

Wall Mounted Keypad
ADT Safewatch Pro 3000 Honeywell Home Security SystemA Wall mounted keypad is an essential part of any home security system. Other Toronto Alarm Company makes your telephone sets interactive as a keypad. When you leave your house, all you

have to do is enter your 4 digits pass code on your phone set and leave your house. If a burglar enters your premises, finds your phone set and presses redial, the burglar can simply disarm your system, whereas all of our ADT monitored packages come with a Free wall mounted digital LCD keypad which the burglar can not defeat at all.

Customer Testimonials
ADT MHB Customer TestimonialsBy far, MHB Security is the only company that I met with, whose security consultant knew everything in so much detail ...I was astounded. He designed the best security system for my family, which was my

main concern. I also was also able to get an extra Free motion sensor in my basement because my house was pre-wired and in a new development area. Thanks to the gentleman from me and my family
Gary McDonald, Toronto
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