ADT monitored Smoke Detector
Don't Become a Statistic:
The Facts About Smoke Detectors.

There are Two Types of Smoke Detectors available in Market.


  • Most common type found in homes.
  • Designed to detect hot flaming fires.
  • Shorter lifespan.

Photo Electric

  • Detects fire an average of 1 hour faster than an Ionization.
  • Designed to detect smoke associated with smoldering fire.
  • Continues to operate during a power outage.
  • Can be heard all over the house.
  • Less maintenance, long lifespan.

Monitored Photo Electric Smoke Detector When it comes to fire protection, a monitored system is the best protection for your family. Your state-of-the-art ADT Monitored Smoke Detector will help protect your home and family, 24-hours a day.

If you own a smoke detector, you obviously realize how effective they are in helping prevent loss of life and property. But, it is important to understand the differences between the stand-alone battery-operated smoke detector you buy at the store and a monitored home smoke/heat detector installed as part of the ADT Home Security system.

Battery-operated/non-monitored home heat and smoke detectors are not connected to other detectors or warning devices. Your Monitored Smoke Detector is connected to the security system control panel and is monitored by the ADT's Alarm Monitoring Center. If fire strikes, the smoke/heat detector sets off an alarm and a signal is sent to our monitoring center. ADT Home Security, in turn, notifies the fire department, then calls you to verify the alarm.

Your ADT Monitored Smoke Detector provides a quick link to the authorities, whether you are at home, away from home, sound asleep or unable to get to the phone. Our Monitored Photo Electric Smoke Detector also have a built-in Low temperature sensor and built-in high temperature sensor and is designed to detect smoke associated with smoldering.

Fact: Cooking is the leading cause of fires and injuries in single and multifamily homes. With ADT smoke and fire alarm systems - help can be on the way in no time!
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