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Why Have An ADT Monitored Home Security System? ADT Canada Alarm System

A man’s home is his castle, as the saying goes. But homes today don’t normally feature ramparts, drawbridges, moats and six-foot thick stone walls to keep out unwanted visitors. Today, a house alarm, and preferably a managed home security system, is needed to ensure your home’s security. Not only does installing a home security system improve the safety of your family and possessions, but it can also decrease your home insurance costs.

Having a monitored security system allows you to be sure your home is safe and secure whether you're at home or away. Without an alarm system installed in your house, burglars can spend long hours in your house going through valuable things. Even if you do not keep any valuable items in your home like cash and jewelry, a stolen cheque book, name, address, SIN card number and other personal documents can cause you thousands of dollars in identity theft and it takes years to recover from these loses. At the first sign of trouble, your ADT monitored security system will notify our Emergency Response Centre where professionally trained operators will respond quickly and effectively, no matter what the emergency is.

How will an ADT monitored security system help?

During a break in:

  • Your ADT monitored system notifies the Emergency Response Centre the moment someone tries to enter your home without an access code
  • ADT will notify Police immediately. 
  • Monitored by ADT lawn signs and warning decals display that you're protected by a leader in security
  • Private Guards or Police can be dispatched in the event of an alarm.
  • Staying in? Don't just lock the door. Stay Mode allows you to have complete perimeter protection while you move freely inside

During a fire:

"A fire is reported every 15 seconds." National Fire Protection Association

  • Even if you're not home your system can notify the Emergency Response Centre the moment smoke or high heat is detected
  • The Fire Department can be notified immediately.
  • Our siren will awaken even the soundest sleepers so they can get out alive
  • Save your pets if you aren't home

During a medical emergency:

"Falls are the leading cause of injury death in seniors." Centre for Disease Control

  • An ambulance can be dispatched immediately.
  • Your system can support two way voice technology so you can communicate your problem to an Emergency Response Operator
  • Your system can notify you when dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide are detected

Additional services:

"Homes with security systems are 3 times less likely to be broken into." National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association

  • 24 hour toll free Customer Service
  • 24 hour Emergency Field Service
  • Pet friendly technology included
  • Carbon monoxide sensors
  • Monitor your home for flooding and freezing, so you can respond quickly and appropriately when it happens
  • Two way voice technology connects you live to the Emergency Response Centre
  • Private Guard Response
  • Extended Limited Warranty, System for Life Guarantee and Theft Protection Guarantee
  • Video verification
  • LifeCall Personal Emergency Response
  • Cellular Backup Monitoring to ensure your signals are received no matter what the state of your phone line is.

To protect you from:

  • Fire and Smoke
  • Flooding
  • Freezing
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