My house was broken into a couple of weeks ago, and like others, that’s when I decided that I needed a home security system. I called Other Toronto Alarm Company but unfortunately they wanted me to sign up without even sending anyone over to show me exactly the type of equipment I was getting. I also thought about smart corporate and called them. A sales rep came and I was able to get a lot of information, but he was charging me for the installation and I knew, smart dealers offer free installation so I called MHB Security at 1-888-808-9642, they are local smart authorized dealership with over 15 locations in Ontario. The security manager was really helpful and so knowledgeable. He really knew what he was talking about. I mean experience spoke through that person, I saved lot of money, I just wanted to say thanks to MHB Security for sending someone who actually knew what he was talking about and helped protect my home and family. I highly recommend MHB Security for smart system.

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