Our Wireless Smart 24/7 Monitored Systems offer a full suite of interactive commercial services tailored to support a wide range of small and medium sized businesses, from single properties to multi-location enterprises. Our full suite of services give you peace of mind knowing that your properties are protected and your businesses are running smoothly — no matter where you are.

Our Commercial security systems are easy to operate and our packages can be customized to fit your needs.

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Installing Smart Home Security Systems across Canada.

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Interactive + Video

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  • 2 Wireless Door/Window Contacts
  • 2 Wireless Motion Sensor
  • 2 HD Smart Indoor Cameras with Audio
  • Digital LCD 7" Touch Screen Keypad
  • Master Control Panel
  • Indoor Siren
  • Wireless GSM LTE Communicator
  • Police, Fire & Medical Buttons
  • Battery Backup & Transformer
  • Auto Bluetooth Disarming
  • Built-in Face Camera in Keypad for Disarm Pic
  • Remote Access + Video
  • Control System from anywhere in the world using smart phone, tablet or computer
  • Receive system notification on smart phone/email
  • Installation was $199 NOW 0
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Reliable and Quality Equipment

Police, Fire, Medical Emergency

24/7 Monitoring

Access your Home Alarm from Anywhere

Monitoring and maintenance services will be provided based on a 3 years agreement . You will own certified & approved brand new alarm equipment from the first day of your installation with extended warranty. ...
The Security System installed at your business with the control panel contain the following features:
  • ARM/DISARM, Away, and Away-Instant features to protect your business while you are away
  • STAY, Stay-Instant, and Night-Stay features to provide you security while you are at your place of business or working late nights
  • Get instant visual verification with Video Monitoring
  • 24 hr Police and Fire buttons on the keypad so you can call for help
  • 110-decibel siren in case of an alarm and to scare away the intruder
  • 24/7 monitoring by Interconnected Emergency Response Centers
  • 24/7 Monitored by warning decals display that you’re protected
  • Create up to 48 different users on the keypad
  • Touch Screen or Digital Control Panel, Backup Battery, Transformer, Telephone Jack and Wiring
  • Chime by zone feature or Alarm Announcement with voice so you can be notified of entry and exit
  • Quality Service Plan ensures your system is always functioning optimally without the worry of unexpected repair bills
  • Insurance Discount Certificate to save you up to 20%.
  • Police/Guard Response available
  • Customization ability available in the panel to add or subtract any devices

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