TELUS Customer Monitoring Centers help protect the people and things you value most, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They form a comprehensive network of interconnected command centers strategically located throughout Canada. This gives TELUS the ability to offer you continuous security, and it’s just one of the reasons why TELUS is one of the top security companies in North America.

When an alarm signal is received from your home or business, a TELUS professional can alert both you and the police, fire department or emergency personnel right away. So, whether you’re there or away, you have protection, which acts like an invisible blanket around the people and things that value most to you.

TELUS has a comprehensive network of dedicated Customer Monitoring Centers backed by powerful equipment and trained professionals. So if connections to a monitoring center are interrupted, one of our other centers takes over promptly, giving us the ability to offer continuous security through our advanced monitoring systems and ultimately providing you with peace of mind.

All of TELUS’ Customer Monitoring Centers are supported by muttered disaster preparedness procedures. So each can operate at optimal levels under a variety of adverse conditions. Monitoring professionals have the support of powerful computers and secure communications links with multiple backup systems. Which means you can always rely on TELUS in an emergency.

Within seconds of receiving an alarm signal from a home or business the monitoring centre’s cutting-edge technology gives TELUS operators the relevant information they need. This fast response time will ensure the residents of your residential or commercial property receive the help they need before the situation becomes any worse.

In seconds they can determine all of the information necessary to resolve an emergency situation, including:

  • What type of emergency it is
  • Which local authorities to dispatch if required
  • Who to contact
  • What to do if you’re on holidays
  • Whether there is a pet in the house

Operators will have everything they need to know in order to deal with your situation quickly and effectively. Knowing the nature of your situation and who can help will ensure your home or business is taken care of. As well, if a TELUS operator is knowledgeable about what to do when you’re not there, you can enjoy your time on holiday or vacation without worrying about the safety of your home or business.

TELUS home alarm monitoring services ensure you will receive a response during any emergency situation and the experienced TELUS operators will be able to efficiently and effectively ensure the safety of you, your family or your business with quick-response times.

TELUS's Monitoring Centres Provide Customers With The Best In:

Response Time:

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Consistent Compliance

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Utilization of Technology

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Highly Trained Professionals

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