I recently switched from another Toronto Alarm Company to Smart through MHB Security because of an incident that happened to me. I had called Other Toronto Alarm Company to change my patio door sensor when it had stopped working. They did not come to fix it. In the meantime a robber had burglarized my home from that same patio door that was not protected! This was ridiculous, I had to call the other Toronto Alarm Company again and they wanted to come after 6 days to fix it and on top of that charge me for it. I was willing to pay for faster service but they could not provide me peace of mind until after 6 days. I decided I had to go with a better company with better and faster services, so I chose MHB Security. I got my system professionally designed by one of their security consultants and installed the very next day. Now I feel much more safe and secure with a company that represents the best name in security systems. My home is monitored by Smart…the same company that monitors my bank!

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